Getting Help With My Toes

Getting Help With My Toes

Tips For Protecting Your Feet While Traveling

Arianna Nguyen

Traveling is one of American's great past times, but it can be very hard on your feet. When traveling, you want to be sure that your feet remain well protected so it does not put a damper on your trip. The last thing you want is to sit on the sideline while everyone else is enjoying the trip just because your feet hurt. Whether it is your shoes or you've inherited a pesky fungus from the hotel pool, it is important to prepare ahead of time to ensure your feet remain well protected. Here are some tips to help ensure your feet remain a priority while traveling. 

Remove Your Shoes

When going through the airport, you can pick up various strains of bacteria that others have left behind from their shoes. Experts suggest about 90% to 99% of bacteria on your shoes can be transmitted to your tile and carpet. Instead of wearing your shoes in the house when you get home from your trip, you want to be sure everyone discards of them right at the door. This way you don't end up tracking the bacteria from your travels throughout your home. 

Get Fitted for Good Shoes

In general, about 9 out of 10 women wear shoes that are too small for their feet. During your travels, you may find that you do a lot more walking than normal. If your shoes are too small, they can end up causing blisters, bunions, and other painful issues that can make your trip less than stellar. Before heading out on your trip, it is important to get fitted for a good pair of walking shoes. This will help keep your feet comfortable while you are traveling and even when you come back home. 

Remain Cautious in Communal Areas

Whenever you are in a public place where everyone is walking, you want to be careful not to walk barefoot. Hotel bathrooms, saunas, pools, and other places moisture is present creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Walking in these areas with no shoes can cause major foot issues like ring worm, athlete's foot, and plantar warts. In order to keep from contracting these diseases, you want to throw in a pair of flip flops into your suitcase. This will help keep your feet protected. 

Get Support for Your Feet

You have 26 bones in your foot. With so many bones in one small area, the potential to damage your foot can be likely when you find yourself in an unfamiliar place. In order to reduce the amount of pressure and strain on your feet, you want to have a pair of shoes that provide plenty of support and cushion. Your podiatrist can also help you by explaining what type of shoes are best for your type of feet. 


If you suspect foot problems, contact a podiatrist such as Jeffrey M Marks DPM.   


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