Getting Help With My Toes

Getting Help With My Toes

Tips For Avoiding Sports-Related Foot Injuries

Arianna Nguyen

Being physically active can be essential for your health and happiness. Yet, there are many injuries that can be suffered during the course of these activities. The feet are especially vulnerable to these injuries, and precautions must be taken to minimize the risks.

Wear Shoes With The Appropriate Amount Of Support

The shoes are the first line of defense against serious foot injuries. This is due to their ability to absorb the impacts that the feet will experience while also helping to more evenly distribute the weight of the feet. Investing in high-quality shoes that can provide this needed support will be essential to minimizing your risk of suffering these painful injuries. This is particularly important when you are first starting to exercise on a regular basis as the muscles in your feet may not be ready for this strain.

Consider Ankle Braces Or Wraps

Ankle injuries are another common problem for athletes. A wrong step can cause the ankle to twist in an unnatural way. Also, fatigue can cause this injury by weakening the ankle muscles' ability to support the body. Individuals with weak ankles or a history of ankle injuries will be at a higher risk of experiencing this problem. Wearing an ankle brace may not be very comfortable, but it is an effective way of reinforcing the muscles in the ankle to prevent them from failing. If you exercise every day, several braces may be needed so you can avoid having to wash the brace every day.

Stretch Your Feet And Ankles Prior To The Activity

Many individuals will appreciate the importance of stretching their most important muscles. However, the feet and ankles also need to be stretched prior to exercising. Thoroughly stretching can reduce the risk of muscles being torn or strained by the activity. Luckily, foot and ankle stretches can be completed fairly quickly, which can allow you to start your exercise with minimal disruption.

Recognize The Warning Signs Of A Foot Injury

Continuing to exercise after suffering a foot injury can be a terrible mistake to make. This will dramatically increase the severity of the injury, which can force you to stop exercising for several weeks or longer. As soon as you notice that your foot is experiencing intense discomfort or numbness, you should immediately stop your exercise. When you are wearing new exercise shoes, you may assume that this is simply due to adjusting to the shoes. However, it is particularly important to stop exercising in these instances as the shoes may be providing inadequate support.

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