Getting Help With My Toes

Getting Help With My Toes

How Custom Orthotics and Over-The-Counter Shoe Inserts Compare

Arianna Nguyen

When you're having foot pain or tired feet, you might consider buying shoe inserts to help your feet feel better. You can buy the inserts at pharmacies or grocery stores, and they are usually marked for the foot condition they're intended to help.

Shoe inserts might work for some mild foot conditions, but if you need more intensive help, see a podiatrist to get custom orthotics made specifically for your feet and your foot condition. Here's a look at how over-the-counter shoe inserts and custom orthotics compare.

Shoe Inserts Are Usually Soft and Flexible

Shoe inserts are usually soft and flexible so you can fit them in about any kind of shoe. Some have gel in them to provide padding, and others have extra padding in the arch so your foot has support.

Custom orthotics might be soft too if your condition calls for padding, but they are often stiff and rigid. The reason they're stiffer than shoe inserts is that the orthotics help correct foot and gait abnormalities. To do that, they need to provide extra-strength support that can keep your ankles from rolling or correct other gait issues.

Custom Orthotics Are Made in a Lab for You

To get custom orthotics, you need to have a mold made of your feet. This ensures the shape and size of the orthotic match each of your feet exactly. This gives you the most comfort and support for your feet.

Shoe inserts are often sized like shoes or they are one-size-fits-all. You may need to trim down the insert to fit inside your shoe. This might affect how well the insert can pad your feet and support your arches.

Shoe Inserts Don't Last Very Long

Shoe inserts aren't as high quality as custom orthotics, so they don't last as long. However, they are also less expensive. To get the best use from shoe inserts, you'll want to replace them once they start showing signs of wear.

Prescription orthotics can last a long time if you take care of them. They are made of high-quality materials so they don't fall apart as easily. They cost more, but the cost is worth it because they are more comfortable and more effective. You might get better relief from foot pain when you wear prescription orthotics when compared to over-the-counter shoe inserts.

A podiatrist can help you decide whether prescription orthotics or over-the-counter shoe inserts are right for you. A lot depends on the type of foot condition you have, so your podiatrist may want to do an evaluation of your gait to understand your foot mechanics and what needs to be done to compensate for problems that lead to foot pain.


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